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Positioning lines.

Tag lines.


In some companies, a signature line or tag line is of great importance. It usually depends on the media mix. Sometimes these things are researched for months, argued over, and launched as if they were new products. With others, these lines are not taken too seriously.

These clients want their products and services to speak for themselves and let the benefits of great products rub off on the brand. 


I've done a lot of these 'big lines' and I've included a few of them here.








Pan Pacific Hotels

A Stay With Us Stays With You.



Clarent VOIP

The Clearer. The Better.



Tenet Health Care

You Can't Get Any Better Than This.




You. 2.0.



KDFC Classical

In Concert With The Bay Area



Monterey Bay Aquarium

It Makes You Wonder.



Kikkoman (food service)

Good Taste Is Good Business



KKSF World

Music Without Borders



Montery Tourist Board

Time To Coast.




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