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Neal is the best combination of "does great work" and "great to work with" that I've ever found. If you get a chance to work with him, take it.

      --John Muldoon,  Web God



"Neal is the 'go to guy' when you need epic creative...where you can't wait to read the next word. And he totally understands the complexities of business, strategic relationships, and marketing channels, so they're all satisfied along the way. Great creator, director and above all, colleague"

     --Paul Schweibinz   Agency Principal



"Neal is the best writer-and thinker- I've ever met. Tone. Content. Confidence. And the best part is that he always takes the work seriously,  even though he should have been a comedian."

     --Leslie Lawton   Copywriter



I've known Neal for over 15 years. As an Sr. Art Director at JWT, we worked on various creative projects and he consistently delivered top notch copy ideas. He understands his audience and knows how to affect them on an emotional level. He is not your average writer, as he goes the extra mile to stretch his imagination. He is incredibly insightful and relentless in crafting the perfect message. Best of all, he's extremely open to feedback and will never exercise the dreaded Writer's Ego. He is a joy to work with, and a passionate, creative individual. Great asset to any team!  


    --Paschal Sabatella  Creative                       Director,   Resin



Neal is a magician. Pulling a perfect rabbit out of his hat about every ten seconds, each a different color... one great idea after another, hour after hour. Smart, funny, focused, totally professional. Neal has imagination in his bones. I love working with this guy.


    --Michael Hart Creative Director



"Need the great line?  Need a guy who gets it?  Call Neal.  A copywriter's copywriter."

    --Mac McClelland,  Copywriter 

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